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    1. EGVs cannot be redeemed for Cash or Credit, but are transferable.
    2. Flipkart.com and Tango Card are not responsible if the voucher is lost, stolen or used without permission.
    3. You can combine a maximum of 15 Gift Cards in a single order at the time of checkout. In case you wish to redeem a number of Gift Cards on a single order, please add your Gift Cards to the Wallet. They can be combined with promotional codes.
    4. Flipkart.com assumes no responsibility for the products purchased using the EGVs and any liability thereof is expressly disclaimed.
    5. The validity of EGVs cannot be extended, new EGVs cannot be provided against the expired/unused Vouchers.
    6. In the event, the beneficiary/Know Your Customer (KYC) details are found to be incorrect/insufficient, Flipkart.com retain the right to cancel the EGV issued.
    7. There is no fee or other charges associated with EGV purchase.
    8. EGVs cannot be reloaded or resold.


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